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The Story of YoungYou


Viktoria Love created YoungYou Organics to help people enjoy excellent health and uncover their best selves with safe, effective products.

Like many of us, Love struggled with those few extra pounds that feel impossible to lose. She was frustrated and discouraged. It seemed like she had tried everything, but nothing worked. Finally, she came across a new diet pill, and. couldn’t believe the results. It was like magic!

The pounds melted off and Viktoria noticed that not only did they work better than anything she had ever tried, but they were made from natural ingredients with no side effects. She was ecstatic and so impressed that she decided she had to bring these products to the world—and especially, to you! Now you can take advantage of the same products that changed Viktoria’s life.

For over 12 years (a lifetime for a tween!), Viktoria and YoungYou have helped people like you feel and look amazing. Want to lose weight? We have detox, fat burners, and diet teas. And check out the weight loss supplements, too! Cellulite bringing you down? Don’t worry!, You will fall in love with our anti-cellulite creams. And don’t miss our all natural, powerful therapeutic grade essential oils. YoungYou has got you covered…in more ways than one!

Viktoria has developed an innovative approach to bringing you the highest quality. She uses the best research and development and insists that all of YoungYou’s products are registered with the FDA. With a money back guarantee, you can’t go wrong.

Did we mention that you have to try the detox tea? It’s amazing, and one of Viktoria’s favorites!  Why not look around our site and see what other products can help you. 

Who is Viktoria Love?

Viktoria Love is a life coach, holistic health instructor, and spiritual healer who has studied and worked with some of the best spiritual leaders around the world. People and organizations like John Kehoe (Mind Power), IBREA (International Brain Association), Robert Adams, and Tony Robbins have helped shape Viktoria’s approach to both healing and coaching; an approach that she brings to the YoungYou brand to ensure you receive the most trusted and sublime products.

As a humanitarian and trusted leader in the holistic and spiritual niche, she knows how important it is to bring integrity and trust to her products and services. Her reputation counts on it.
She created YoungYou as an honest company with one goal in mind: to bring you the best skin care and supplements so that you can look and feel your best.

How can Viktoria and YoungYou Organix help you?

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