Can I drink your detox teas cold?

Yes – you can drink it cold as long as you steep it hot first! Allow it to steep for 10 minutes in hot water and then if you want it to cool it or add ice, that is totally fine! Make sure not to steep it for over 15 minutes.

Can I drink your detox teas when pregnant and while breastfeeding?

No, Absolutely not. You should always ask your healthcare professional before using any supplements while breastfeeding.

Can your E-Z Tea Expire?

Our E-Z Weight Loss tea if stored properly ( in a dry dark place) will last a long time up, perhaps up to 3 years. After that, it won’t be dangerous but it will likely lose its taste.

I am under 18, can I still use Phenmax?

It’s not a good Idea to use any diet/ weight loss pills at this point. Consult with your healthcare professional. You can also try some weight loss exercise instead.

I really want to lose fat, what should I use?

After many years we have learned that for the best weight loss results it is most effective to combine  3 of our most powerful products: PhenMax +Thyroid Support + E-Z Detox Tea. Together, they will help to curb your appetite, increase your energy and control nighttime cravings.  Thyroid support is necessary to balance your thyroid to facilitate weight loss. PhenMax will help to boost your metabolism, burn extra fat, and increase endurance during workouts. E-Z Detox Tea will cleanse the colon and get rid of toxins in order to make weight loss much easier

Is it safe to drink the E-Z tea?
  • Yes! Our E-Z Tea made from the highest quality ingredients, it is made and Kosher certified in Israel
  • It tastes delicious and is stuffed with natural antioxidants. We strived to create a product that you will want to use constantly. If you have any medical condition, make sure to consult your doctor before using it.
Which of the products are safe to use while pregnant?

No weight loss supplements should be used while pregnant unless prescribed by your healthcare professional.

Will I lose weight if use PhenMax?

We put in PhenMax large concentrations of all the known ingredients that will work to help you lose weight.  These include Caralluma and Hoodia, well-known appetite suppressants, Garcinia and Guarana, well-known fat burners, and other potent ingredients that help individuals to lose weight.  There are many causes of excess weight, but apart from any medical condition, if you have some extra pounds, PhenMax can be the right choice for you.