Viktoria Love

I’ve enjoyed some of the most wonderful things life has to offer. I have two fantastic daughters (age 28 and 14), two funny dogs (a teacup Yorkie and a toy poodle), and I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world—Los Angeles.

But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t lose the last few pounds and reach my goal weight. Regardless of how much I exercised or watched what I ate, those stubborn pounds stayed tight. I was feeling frustrated and discouraged. Then, I came across a new diet pill and thought ‘why not’?

I couldn’t believe the results! After trying everything else, here was the solution I had been looking for. It was like magic. Not only did the pounds melt off, but I felt really good because the ingredients were natural with no side effects. I felt compelled to share this with everyone else and I created the company YoungYou Organix so I could bring safe, effective products to everyone who wanted them.

In the past 12 years I’ve had the privilege of helping many people look and feel amazing. Whether you want to lose weight, say good-by to cellulite, enjoy healthy hair and skin, or start feeling happy and energized every day, my products from YoungYou Organix can help. Every product is made from the finest, carefully researched ingredients, and I’m proud to carry products that are organic and made with therapeutic grade essential oils.

Although I love all the YoungYou Organix products, my favorite is still the E-Z Detox tea. It keeps me regular and feeling great, even when I’m busy with work and traveling. When I’m enjoying some down time, you might find me doing hot yoga, spending time with my daughters, laughing at my dogs, or watching Dr. Who.

I’m constantly on the search for the best products that will reveal your youthful, healthy glow inside and out. My background as a life coach, holistic health instructor, and spiritual healer has taught me that the human body and spirit are miraculous, and it’s an honor to celebrate this miracle with so many amazing products that nature has given us.

Please follow me, try the products (always with my personal guarantee), and share with others

Funny Bunnies

Funny Bunnies

My Lovely Daughters