Health NewsEssentials for Hair Loss Prevention

The YoungYou Restoration Shampoo is one of the best when it comes to the overall health of your hair. Each of its eighteen ingredients offers some kind of nourishment and the combined benefit of all the elements used in this product, make it the best for every type of hair. Following are a few of the key benefits you will get by using the YoungYou Restoration Shampoo.

Hair Loss Prevention

The best thing about the YoungYou Restoration Shampoo is that it prevents extensive hair loss. This is possible due to the following ingredients:

Organic Rosemary Hydrosol

Although Rosemary Hydrosols have been linked with a lot of different bodily benefits, they are also a well-known remedy against hair fall. This ingredient stimulates the follicles that eventually lead to the reduction of premature falling of your hair. This makes it specifically great for men who start showing signs of baldness in their early years.

Organic Saw Palmetto Hydrosol

This is another important ingredient in this regard. With the growing age, the stimulation for hair growth tends to decrease at times. This is where Organic Saw Palmetto Hydrosol comes in. It helps stimulate hair growth back to the normal. This, in turn, assists in providing relief from baldness as well.

 Heals and Nourishes

One of the worst things about unhealthy hair is that they become brittle at the ends, which makes them look thin and dead. Using the YoungYou Restoration Shampoo allows you to heal your brittle hair and nourish them throughout, offering a healthier look. This shampoo offers such great healing and nourishing benefits to your hair due to the following ingredients:

Essential Oils of Organic Geranium

The benefits of the Essential Oil of Organic Geranium are numerous. One of the key benefits it offers is giving life to dry hair. The best part about this specific ingredient is that it can be used to fortify normal, dry, as well as greasy hair.

Sodium Alginate

This specific element adds greatly to the aesthetics of hair. It helps in recovering the health of brittle hair that is caused by insufficient amount of minerals in the body. Furthermore, Sodium Alginate is also excellent when it comes to stimulating the overall strength of the hair.

Organic Stinging Nettle Hydrosol

One of the best uses of the Stinging Nettle Hydrosol is bringing back shine to your hair. This is great since it adds to the aesthetics of your hair while the other ingredients make them healthier.

Vegetable Glycerin

Not only does Vegetable Glycerin improve the look of your hair, but it also makes them healthier. Vegetable Glycerin specifically increases the elasticity and moisture content in your hair. In addition to that, it also assists in preventing breakage of hair by making them thicker and stronger. This ingredient also improves the process of hair growth, making it an excellent remedy in case of hair loss and baldness. The benefits of this single ingredient do not end here. Vegetable Glycerin also assists in eliminating dry and frizzy hair conditions.

 Offers Healthier Scalp

Not having a healthy scalp not only affects the healthy growth of hair but also increases the hair fall. An unhealthy scalp is also itchy and dry which also affects the overall nourishment of your hair. In the case of a dry, itchy, and unhealthy scalp, using the YoungYou Restoration Shampoo is one of the best options. One of the several benefits it offers is a healthier scalp. Following are some of the ingredients in this shampoo that help in this regard.

Honey Extract

This is another one of the great elements that the YoungYou Restoration Shampoo is composed of. To start off, honey extracts act as natural antioxidants. This means that the use of this ingredient results in a healthier scalp. This in turn, also leads to healthier hair growth. Honey extract is also great for making your hair smoother and the hair follicles healthier. In fact, regular use of this ingredient helps in revitalizing sleeping hair follicles. This will enhance the growth of your hair by a great margin.

Different Vitamins

The YoungYou Restoration Shampoo uses several different vitamins to boost the growth of your hair and make them healthier in the process. It includes vitamin E which is great for improving blood circulation which in turn, results in a healthier scalp as well as better hair growth. It also contains vitamin C which contains antioxidant properties. This specific vitamin helps in curing hair of the damage that the free radicals cause to your hair. Vitamin C also assists in the nourishment of splitting hair ends. The combination of these vitamins with several others makes the shampoo an ideal product to use.


This is a naturally derived preservative which holds an excellent set of properties. It is also one of the key elements used in this shampoo. Propanediol provides benefits that include a healthier and moisturized scalp which in turn reduces the itchiness.
Organic Balsam Peru
This ingredient holds a range of benefits for the body. It is also great for the scalp and the overall condition of your hair. Organic Balsam Peru helps in eliminating dead skin cells, allowing for a smoother and nourished scalp. This also restricts the development of dandruff. In addition, it also reduces dryness on the scalp, making it an important ingredient in the YoungYou Restoration Shampoo.

Other Ingredients

The YoungYou Restoration Shampoo contains some of the unique elements that assist greatly in achieving healthier hair. The individual and combined benefits of this shampoo make it one of the best and the most vitalizing shampoos you can use. In addition to the ingredients mentioned above, the YoungYou Restoration Shampoo also includes several other important ingredients, including Organic May Chang, Lactic Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Oat Protein, Silk Amino and more.

All in all, the YoungYou Restoration Shampoo holds a lot of benefits for your hair. It offers nourishment to your hair and scalp, reduces the loss of hair, protects them from damage, makes them shiny, and strengthens them to offer the healthiest hair possible.