Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast (e-book)


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This e-book is full of smart tricks to help you enjoy your meals and stay in shape! 

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This e-book is for all those who have ever struggled to lose weight, who have tried diet plans, counted calories, even starved themselves- but who have never achieved lasting results! 

Pretty much everyone at some point or other has tried a diet plan. Maybe you have 10 pounds to lose because you want to look better at the beach. Or maybe you have 50 or more pounds to lose and are worried about your health and how your weight may contribute to illness down the road. The reason you need to lose weight, or how much weight you have to lose, is not as important as the journey you take to reach your weight-loss and fitness goals. Many diet plans just do not work. They were hyped up by the media or celebrities
who hardly ever tried the program themselves to achieve their weight-loss success. It makes it very difficult to know which program will work for you if you do not know exactly what it takes to lose weight.

I want you and your family to stay young and healthy and look great, to avoid having to struggle with weight issues and to prevent the diseases that we develop with aging. With this book, you will understand how to get your slim, toned, energy-filled body back.

Yes, there is science behind losing weight. It is not simply enough to say you need to eat the right foods or exercise so many minutes per day so many times per week. Which foods do you eat? Which do you avoid? Which exercises will tone your body and burn fat?

This e-book will teach you how to enjoy every single meal and stay fit!


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5 reviews

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  1. Lazaro


    A comprehensive book that pacts a huge punch!

    I have been reading a bunch of diet books lately trying to find some good forming habits that can better improve my quality of life by shedding body fat and loosing weight. After a couple of weeks of searching and buying books that really had no impact on the goals I was trying to achieve I stumbled across this book. Truth be told the book cover captured my attention and felt that, unlike this others, this would be a fun to read if nothing else. However, what I got was more then a great cover.

    What I got was, “The Weight Loss Game: How to Lose and Win!”

    Far and away this is one of the best I have read this up to now. It is short yet comprehensive. The BMI and the helpful guide at the back of the book is user-friendly and helped open my eyes to a management plan that can help me lose weight. In short, I have lost 5 pounds and pushing for more. I always have my Kindle with me so it is easy to open up and flip through the pages when I am out to lunch scanning for something to eat.

    In closing this is a great book that opened my eyes in a very valuable way. Worth the investment and highly recommend.

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  2. Dani


    I’m fat and unmotivated. I am fully aware of my bad habits. After a discussion with my doctor I was told to see a nutritionist and get serious about my health or I could develop diabeties. My nutritionist recommended that I read this book because ‘it will make a mountain look like a molehill.’ So, I bought it here on amazon and waited a few days. To my surprise, the general look and feel of the book was simple and easy to understand, plus the illustrations were great. The short chapters went over being honest with myself, the building blocks of weight loss, exercise, metabolism, staying hydrated, carbohydrates, organic foods, etc. I mean, its a comprehensive book but its not 4 inches thick. How did the author fit it all in there?! At the back of the book there are specific lists of food you can eat and meals one can cook. I’ve lost 20 pounds and counting while utilizing this little book.

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  3. Brenda Lee

    Brenda Lee

    If you are struggling to lose weight, want to lose weight, or don’t know how to lose weight, then this book is for you. The format is user-friendly, so it’s very easy to go back and re-read the chapters or sections that you want to focus on.

    My favorite chapter is “Sleep to Weight Loss”. I’m a single mom of four with a demanding career. Suffice to say, I don’t have a lot of me time, and that includes sleep. But now that I know how important sleep is to permanent weight loss, I’m going to fit it into my schedule like everything else.

    The author includes appendices with meal plans (with the calorie count), and that makes it even easier to stick to the plan.

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  4. AppleB


    The Weight Loss Game is hands down the best book on weight loss that I have ever read. If you have a question about dieting, nutrition, exercise, metabolism, vitamin supplements, organic foods, weight gain, weight loss, BMI, or diet pills, this book has the answer. Even better, the book is easy-to-understand, extremely thorough, and well-written. I was truly blown away at the massive amount of information packed into this book. Fleishman walks you through every aspect of healthy living. She leaves no stone unturned. She examines common misconceptions and myths, helping you understand everything from why light or low-fat foods are not necessarily a better choice to reassuring you that snacks after 6 PM won’t destroy your weight loss plan. The book is straightforward, interesting, and never ‘talks down’ to you just because you are looking to lose weight. I love how this book is not a fad diet or a promotion for a certain weight loss method or exercise routine. Instead, this book explains the reasons why we gain weight, why we lose weight, and why so many of us can never find that right balance. I have always heard that “a healthy lifestyle” is the way to go. All the books I read on weight loss, however, told me how to lose pounds but never how to keep those pounds from coming back. The Weight Loss Game explains just that, how to make healthy living a lifestyle. Fleishman discusses the pros and cons of the fruits and vegetables we eat, giving up sugar for good, tummy crunches, carbohydrates, and just about any other question you should consider but may not even know you needed to consider when making healthy choices. To top it all off, there are great grocery lists and sample menus to get you started on the right track and keep you going. You won’t find a “miracle” quick-fix weight loss scheme in this book. What you will find is an invaluable resource that will help you successfully get started and stick with healthy choices and create a healthier, leaner, more energized life. I feel absolutely empowered from reading this book. I truly believe that I can now take the right steps toward weight loss and set a good example for my kids. Thank you, Victoria Fleishman, for giving me the tools to succeed. (And thanks to Roman Genn for the really fun illustrations.)

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  5. Jackie Paulson

    Jackie Paulson

    Victoria Fleishman’s The Weight Loss Game: How to Lose and Win!
    If you need to change your perspective on how weight loss works for permanent change in your own life, this book is for you! The real secret to losing weight is by losing “fat.” I am in college and learning so much from reading another book called The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan and Fleishman’s book is much easier to understand and follow for losing weight. The author will discuss the ways you should live with healthy eating to lose the weight. It will be a struggle at first, but in the end if you are a serious person whom wants to take the weight off, then I believe what she writes will help you.

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